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Professional Network, ran the Bionic way


Anti Pay-2-Win, forever.


We have something for everyone, guaranteed


Trained staff, we'll always have your back


You come first, we work for our community


Consistent updates, never get bored

A peak behind the scenes


Social System

We understand the frustration of trying to get in the same lobby as your friends on large networks. We have created a system that not only lets you have a friends list but parties, teams (Factions) and queue gamemodes together. You can even have private mini-servers just for your squad!


Progression System

We didn't just slap our logo over the base game and made it a server. We have completely revamped almost every aspect of the game. You will be able to utilize our economy, jobs, quests and battlepass to position yourself to fight our custom bosses and mobs. Even explore biomes that aren't even in Minecraft!


Incredible Games

We host our SMP on a scaled version of the planet we already live on. You can explore major landmarks and even visit your hometown. If skyblock is more your game, we offer an entirely custom OG style skyblock. Bionic also offers party games; take part in Murder Mystery, Village Defense, The Bridge, Bed Wars and More.

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