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Bionic Gaming's Week Review (2/24/2023)

Bionic Gaming Recap (2/24/2023)

This was a big week for fans of survival games; on Thursday developers Endnight released "Sons of The Forest". This was a much anticipated release from their smash hit, "The Forest". I'm not sure about you guys but we are definitely going to pick up a copy. If you have been looking for something casual to play with some friends, we're confident you'll find countless hours of fun there.


This was also a huge week for our company. We've made strides towards launching our Minecraft server network, Bionic MC. We're excited to announce that we are still on track for our March 1st launch. We have created a simple SMP (Survival Multiplayer) with a twist as well as a themed creative world where you will be able to work with fellow players to create that seasons theme. The launch season, season 1, will have a city theme. At the end of the season when we reset the world, you'll be able to find a download link, so rest assured you won't lose your builds.

Bionic MC Confirmed Features:

Bionic MC Logo

  • Custom Animals

  • Cute Pets

  • Battle Pass (Free & Premium)

  • Survival SMP

  • Creative

  • Live Map Viewable on Website

  • Land Claims (4 Chunk Limit)

  • Much More..

Bionic MC Promised Features:

  • Skyblock

  • Prison

  • Bedwars

  • Minons

  • Seasons Every 3 Months

  • Consistent Updates

  • An Experience That May Rival Even The Biggest Servers

It's important to note that this is server is extremely ambitious and is being developed by only 2 devs (Swifty and I). We will support the server immensely and promise all bugs will be dealt with in a swift manor, no pun intended. We're extremely excited about launching this experience as it's been a goal of ours for years. We can't thank you guys enough for allowing us the opportunities you have and we promise to provide you with only the best experiences.


We're now on Twitch

Bionic Gaming now has a Twitch account where will host our signed Streamers. We recommend you tune in often as it not only helps us but helps these streamers grow their name. If you would like to apply send ItsRandom#0999 a DM on Discord.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you haven't already joined our community, I

highly recommend you do. We're gaining traction pretty quickly and would love to have you.


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